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iraq refugees

Franciscans’ fears as Middle East hit by era of ‘religious cleansing’

The head of the Middle East’s Franciscans has voiced his fears that the region is seeing an unprecedented period of “religious cleansing”. Franciscan Father Pierbattista Pizzaballa, custos of the Holy Land, said that while Christians, Muslims and Jews have struggled for hundreds of years to live peacefully alongside each other, “we have never seen the […]

VATICAN Cardinals 104220

Students joy as Benedict rejoins theology circle

With “spiritual freshness and joy”, despite his physical frailty, Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI celebrated Mass and met briefly with his former doctoral students at the Vatican. “It was very beautiful,” said Salvatorian Father Stephan Otto Horn, president of the ‘Ratzinger Schulerkreis’ (Ratzinger Student Circle), which has met annually since the 1970s for theological discussion on […]


Police in appeal for calm in East Belfast after clashes

Police and community leaders have called for calm after Belfast was hit by a series of sectarian incidents. The call comes after police said they would increase their presence in east Belfast following a third night of street violence between Protestant and Catholic youths. Two petrol bombs were thrown during clashes, which involved around 40 […]


Officers question evil police killer’s return to Catholic faith in prison

Evil police killer Dale Cregan has allegedly turned to God as he serves a life sentence in Strangeways Prison, Manchester. The 29-year-old has been seen wearing a set of Rosary beads and attending Mass in the chapel on Sundays. But staff at the Manchester jail are unconvinced by his efforts. “The idea of him being […]


Pope Francis to preside over joint September wedding at Vatican

Pope Francis will preside over his first wedding ceremony as pontiff during a nuptial Mass in St Peter’s Basilica on the 14th September. The Vatican confirmed that 20 couples from the diocese of Rome will be married by the Pope, the Bishop of Rome. The papal Mass celebrating the couples’ marriage will come just a […]

The Prophet Jeremiah

Scaled down Sistine is a big draw as coach loads flock to Sussex church

With its vaulted ceilings and intricate detail, you would be forgiven for thinking that the artwork inside the English Martyrs Catholic Church in Goring, West Sussex, was crafted by the fair hands of Michelangelo himself. In fact, the church has parishioner Gary Bevans to thank for this remarkable reproduction of the Sistine Chapel. Mr Bevans, […]

salmond and darling

Northern Ireland casts a wary eye as Scotland prepares to vote

If Scotland votes Yes to independence it would prompt a crisis for Northern Ireland unionists and could spark political instability, an expert has said. Generations of migration between the two countries have created close cultural and historical links. In places, the gap between the two coasts is hardly 20 miles; loyalists fly the Scottish saltire […]

Foley Parents

Pope’s kind words were great comfort, say Foley’s grieving parents

The parents of murdered photojournalist James Foley described Pope Francis as “kind” and “dear” after he made a personal phone call to offer his condolences. Diane and John Foley shared their grief with the pontiff after he rang them from the Vatican with the world revolting in reaction to their son’s death. They said his […]

Ice bucket challenge

Catholics pour cold water over ice bucket challenge

Catholics have been asked to reconsider plans to take part in the global social media trend of the ice bucket challenge after it was pointed out that the charities being widely supported with subsequent donations have faced criticism in the past for their unethical practices. The sister charities, Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) or Amyotrophic […]

school class room

Lib Dems sideline parents with ‘outrageous’ proposal

In a shock move, the Liberal Democrats have outlined plans to introduce sex education for seven-year-olds in order for them to become “good citizens”. Children in state-funded schools in England would receive “age-appropriate” classes on sex and relationships as part of a “curriculum for life”, also including advice on money management and citizenship. The move […]


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